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about us

Mindful(l) Organisation is a youth led mental health initiative that aims to provide access to mental health education and support to youth who need it. We recognise that access to mental health support in South Africa is very limited and exclusionary of the majority of our population and so we exist to try and bridge the gap and provide resources that are accessible to all.


At Mindful(l), we aim to destigmatize mental illness by engaging in informative talks and workshops on the different types of mental illnesses as well as providing social media content that addresses the various social factors that contribute to mental stress such as family dynamics, sexuality and gendered violence, to name a few.

Mindful(l) has curated various support services such as a Peer Mentorship Programme, Support Groups and Phone-a-friend to create safe spaces for students to engage with their mental health and access support structures to assist in their journey. Oftentimes, walking the journey of mental health and mental illness can be very lonesome, Mindful(l) exists to remind you that you are never alone.


meet the team

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mindful(l) support groups

At Mindful(l), we have established a community of followers that come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. We hope to set up a network of support groups for marginalised groups that will be run by our mentors who have experiences in the various issues (eg. GBV, homosexuality, addiction etc.)

webinars / lives / events


The purpose of these workshops is to educate people on mental health and mindfulness. This would entail providing information on how to identify signs of mental health issues, how to seek assistance and how to cope. We believe that these workshops are important as they will provide access to information surrounding mental health issues and their effects. The lack of education on mental health issues and how to cope with them in South Africa goes hand-in-hand with the lack of access to mental health resources. We hope to run a Mindful(l) Workshop every two months and each month it will focus on a different mental health issue. 

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Bearing in mind that we are a youth organisation, we have decided to be as dynamic and creative as possible when it comes to thinking of possible fundraising events. We hope to host collaborative events with organisations who hold similar passions and missions to us and to host events such as parties, picnics, protests and workshops (amongst others) with the goal of raising money for the mental health care aspect of Mindful(l).


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Banking Details:

First National Bank

Account Holder: Mindful(l) Organisation (NPO)

Account Number: 62869591539

Branch Code: 250655

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