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Sithelo Mthethwa

Sithelo is 22 years old and is currently studying her honours at the University of South Africa. Sithelo struggled with anxiety at the start of her third year of University as a result of strenuous family dynamics and pressures. Her mental health took a turn for the worse when her past relationship became toxic and abusive. Sithelo started feeling depressed and was continuously dealing with panic attacks - unbeknown to her family and friends. 2020 was a very triggering year for Sithelo as she was reminded of childhood traumas and her sexual harassment in her teens. She sought help from friends and family when the weight of everything became crippling. These experiences led to her seeking assistance on how to deal with her mental health, so that it wouldn’t hinder ability to become the best version of herself. Sithelo hopes to help others overcome their demons by speaking on her experience and sharing her skills. Sithelo’s hobbies include binge-watching series and staying active. She enjoys going out with friends and family, spending time with her Frenchie Vincent and making new memories.

Marketing, Events, and Social Media Manager

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