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Munashe Mashanda

Munashe is a 22 year old UCT Graduate whose mental health journey began from a young age after being diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Being a teenager who suffered from depression prior to high school was a difficult journey and one that could have ended badly but Munashe focused her energy on her relationships and passions as a means of combating her mental illness. She finds a lot of peace and joy from being around people she loves, cooking, baking and photography.  Her creative work is one that often helps her re-centre and de-clutter her mind when her mental health is low. Her favourite quote is, “in this house, we don’t look back and we only take steps forward.” She is a strong believer in the power of the universe and manifestation and often uses these elements to give clarity and to emit the energy she aims to attract in her life. Mental health is a journey and like all journeys or long trips, some parts are more difficult and bumpy than others but the goal is to never lose sight of the destination.

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