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Hannah Codrington

Hannah is 19 years old and currently a second-year student at UCT. She is doing a general Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in English and Psychology. Her mental health journey began in high school, when she was at an all-girls school desperately trying to navigate such a high-pressure environment. She subsequently developed an eating disorder but so many of the behaviours she displayed were either normalized or dismissed as nothing. Her mental health journey, and the process of learning how to manage her eating disorder, has made her passionate about changing diet culture and our perceptions of health. One of the best ways to deal with an eating disorder and put it into perspective is to practise focusing on things that matter more to us than our bodies, our weight, our appearance. Her recovery journey gave her back my zest for life. She loves being with friends, watching movies, hiking, cooking and enjoying good food. She is hoping that Mindful(l) can be the support for those in need, as they work towards finding their passion for life again.

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